Someone’s message on the border of Tel Aviv & Jaffa

Someone's message on the border of Tel Aviv & Jaffa
Someone’s message on the border of Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

This colourful house stands loud and proud on the border of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. The point is clear. A person of unknown race, ethnicity or gender is gesturing for passersby to follow in its example and open their eyes at this specific point in town. But where are we? We could be in Tel Aviv, the modern New York of the Middle East, or in Jaffa, the ancient Arab Port mentioned in the Bible. In the background one can clearly see a modern skyskraper style hotel, in which tourists can sit back and reflect on all the beauties they have experienced of Tel Aviv that day. If that same tourist were to travel more South, they could marvel at the tiny historic Arab homes, little knowing of course that many of those made way for his/her bedrest facility.

This photograph forms the founding blog post, as it communicates the message which will be the underlying message during every consecutive blog post. We need not only to remember to open our eyes, however also to realise when we are standing at a border point. Each way often leads to a specific political or social statement and going nowhere leads to inactivity, neutrality and escapism. Ultimately, we need to learn the lessons from anywhere and apply them everywhere, by opening eyes, mind and mouth.

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