In the North Sea
I will abandon ship
stuck on an island
with a newly restricted

Watching my two identities torn
going through a split divorce
the place I was born
and the place where my tickbox sits

I am not a fit
for either one
yet this battle over where I’m from
is making me feel an urgency
to get off the fence and
take decisions on my identity

Clear signs either side
that to neither I truly belong
solidifying my perpetual sense of migrancy
not a self indulgent flight of fancy
but a reality

Meaning you don’t feel at home

Except in a collective nationality
fitting my history and values of solidarity:
I am a European and feel connection
to brothers and sisters
across many borders

A feeling you cannot separate

So here is my message straight
Brexit you’re too late
the European Union
has already taken human form 

Brexit I wonder if you know 
where people like me should go?

Two parts of the same identity
My British passport and my expired Dutch residency card. (Note: I am, and will always be, incredibly grateful to have a valid passport).

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