“The Quarantine Guide to the Stars” 
by Raul Leal & Rachel Walker (2020)

A queer astrologist and a computer nerd discuss quarantine with their YouTube audience while playing the 15th century game ‘Ouranomachia’ online.

In a time of ‘social distancing’ through the Corona virus we are once again confronted with an urge to find answers and faced with the disappointment that our perfect system does not offer any. For three centuries we ran with the ideas of the enlightenment and science alone as truth. Now the rational, standardisation, separating ideas of the enlightenment are under pressure and we need new ways for how we can explain things to ourselves. Our answer, which put forward in our ‘Lehrstucke’ and through reviving the medieval game of Ouranomachia: is that everyone should embrace astrology to make good all that was made bad and binary, and figure who they want to be when considering astrological advice.